The Team at Miss Daisy's Nursery, Belgravia

Miss Perrin Sole

Perrin graduated from Rhodes University, South Africa with a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology and English Language and Linguistics. Perrin then completed an honours year graduation with a First in a Post Graduate Certificate in Education specializing in the Foundation Phase. Miss Perrin is the Headmistress and Manager.

Over the course of her time at Miss Daisy’s, Perrin has built strong relationships with the Prep Schools in the area and visits them on a regular basis. An extensive aspect of her role as the Headmistress is to maintain a strong dialogue with the future schools, advising parents on the schools best suited to their child, as well as providing guidance and support during the assessment process.

In addition to Miss Perrin, the Belgravia Nursery teaching team includes:

Miss Ellie Harvey, Deputy Headmistress and Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs Shirley Timmins, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Anna Goike, Nursery Teacher
Miss Hiral Desai, Nursery Teacher
Miss Effie Reeve, Nursery Teacher
Miss Delilah Money, Teaching Assistant
Miss Charlotte Jopling, School Secretary and Registrar