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The Team at Miss Daisy's Nursery, Knightsbridge

Miss Rebecca Dooley

Miss Rebecca joined Miss Daisy's Nursery Knightsbridge as Headmistress in 2018. Previously Head of Humanities at Garden House School, Miss Rebecca has an exceptional knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage through to the Key Stage 2 and an unwavering passion for supporting children in their educational journey.

In addition to her Headship role, Miss Rebecca is also the Founder of 'London’s Little Thinkers' - an outstanding educational resource that promotes engaging and fun activities for parents to do with their children at home and about London.

An extensive aspect of Miss Rebecca's role as Headmistress is to have strong relationships with the Prep Schools in the area and to maintain strong dialogue with the future schools.  Miss Rebecca is able to advise parents on schools best suited to their child, as well as provide guidance and support during the assessment process. 

In addition to Miss Rebecca, the Knightsbridge Nursery teaching team includes:

Miss Neilem Lal, Deputy Headmistress and Nursery Teacher
Mrs Damini Alg, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Ali Miloserdovs, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Angel Van Gerven, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Claudia Gonzalez-De Valle, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Celine Stonex, Nursery Teacher
Miss Poppy Jones, Nursery Teacher
Miss Chloe Lindsay-Fynn, Nursery Teacher
Miss Issy Holland-Hibbert, Nursery Teacher
Miss Shannen Higgins, Teaching Assistant
Miss Louisa Cave, Teaching Assistant
Miss Laura Elletson, Teaching Assistant 
Miss Charlotte Jopling, School Secretary and Registrar