The Team at Little Owls Nursery

Miss Stephanie Freeman
Headmistress and SENCO

Miss Stephanie has a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) from the University of Auckland as well as a Masters of Special Education from the Massey University.  Having taught Reception, Kindergarten and Year 1 at schools in both England and New Zealand, Miss Stephanie has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Early Years curriculum and recognises the importance the success and happiness of these formative years is. 

Miss Stephanie has built strong relationships with the Prep Schools in the area and visits them on a regular basis.  An extensive aspect of her role as the Headmistress is to maintain a strong dialogue with future schools, advising parents on the schools best suited to their child, as well as providing guidance and support during the assessment process.

In addition to Miss Stephanie, the Little Owls teaching team includes:

Miss Louisa Phillips, Deputy Headmistress and Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Katarzyna Sagan, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Melanie Hawley, Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Eva Quillot, Nursery Teacher
Miss Sara González Rojo, Nursery Teacher
Miss Celia Parreiras, Teaching Assistant
Miss Maggie Osmani, Teaching Assistant
Miss Anna Taheri, Teaching Assistant
Miss Charlotte Jopling, School Secretary and Registrar

For more information about Miss Daisy's Nursery schools please telephone the school office on 020 7730 5797 or email.