Please contact Charlotte Jopling, School Registrar, in the School Office for further information about the Miss Daisy’s Nursery you are interested in and any enquires about registration. Click here to go to our contact page.

Welcome to Miss Daisy's Nursery

Miss Daisy's aim was to create a village nursery school in the heart of London, where the education offered is a balance between formal learning and learning through play. The school offers a strong sense of community and provides a warm and nurturing environment. There is an excellent child adult ratio to ensure the children are getting the best possible care at this important stage of their learning journey.

Key to the ethos at Miss Daisy’s is that the children actively lead their own development with no pressure on them in any way. From the day a new child starts at Miss Daisy’s, the school is geared up towards gentle preparation for the next step. Starting with the morning greeting with the Headmistress, lining up with the rest of the class, hanging up coats on individual pegs, through to learning to read and write.

Miss Daisy’s Nursery School offers a September only intake, for children that have turned two years old. However, occasionally we offer a January and/or April intake subject to availability. Children attend Miss Daisy’s for a total of two years, one year in the Nursery Year (two rising three) and one year in the Kindergarten Year (three years). We have a very gentle settling in policy, where there is no pressure put on the children. At the very start, we focus on the children being happy and settling into their new environment. We recommend children start with three mornings a week when they start in September and progress onto five mornings a week at no additional cost.

The full days are Monday to Thursday. This is available as soon as your child has fully settled, your child’s teacher will be able to advise and guide you. The children bring their own lunch box to school to enjoy alongside their friends. Afternoons are fantastic preparation for the Kindergarten year and when they join their next schools in Reception where they will be expected to attend full days every day.

Every day come rain or shine, the children play outside in the garden and/or nearby facilities. Children that stay for afternoons also enjoy an additional outdoor learning experience, very much based on learning through play.

Miss Daisy's Nursery is the first step on the education ladder and it is of paramount importance that it is the right step. Children leave Miss Daisy's confident and happy, with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. 'We want them running to school'.