children at our forest school

About Us

At Miss Daisy’s Nursery Schools, our goal is to lay the foundations for a happy childhood, a fulfilling future, and an enduring love of learning for children from 2 years old. We know how important it is to prepare our children for the next steps on their learning journey. With that in mind, our bespoke curriculum lead by experienced Teachers provides our children with a set of skills to build upon independently.

As each child is unique, they develop skills at different times. The Miss Daisy’s curriculum focuses on the importance of; friendship, turn taking, helping others, following instructions, trying new experiences, and enjoying a challenge.

Miss Daisy’s promotes inclusivity and diversity in all of our nursery schools.

Our aim is for children to be able to demonstrate the following dispositions at the end of their early years journey, in preparation for life at school:








Should your child require additional support…

We work with a wonderful team of speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, educational psychologists and paediatricians should your child require any additional support in their early years.

Working in partnership with you, we will ensure that your child receives the finest expertise, has their needs met, and is able to reach their full potential.