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Choosing the right nursery school for your child can be daunting, but at Miss Daisy’s, we help parents to make an informed decision about whether the care and early education we provide is right for their child.

We know there will be many questions along the way, but let us help with some of the most frequently asked…



How do I book a tour or visit a nursery school?

You can go to our Visit Us page to select your chosen nursery school and book a visit. You will also find options to contact us by telephone or email should you wish to find out some more information in advance of your tour.

If you are looking for a 2024 (or later) place please register to attend our next available open afternoon. We will be hosting these throughout the year so please do keep an eye out for additional dates.

If you are looking for a place for 2023, contact our Registrar who can book a tour of your chosen setting, with regular available visit slots being held each week.

Can my child visit the nursery school prior to starting?

Of course, we encourage you to visit your chosen nursery school with your child. We have visit slots available at time to suit you.

If you decide to register for a place…

The Head Teacher will discuss settling in sessions with you to ensure your child can adapt to their new surroundings and feels happy in their room. This will be started several weeks prior to their start date, so that they can begin building relationships and familiarising themselves with the staff and children in the setting. Settling in sessions will be crucial to enable a smooth transition to nursery school.


How early do I need to put my child’s name down to attend my chosen nursery school?

We recommend you register interest at your chosen setting as early as you know you’ll need a place. We can work with you to ensure the booking pattern you need is available when your child is expected to join us. Our settings offer places subject to a waiting list, and so registering and paying the registration fee allows you to access the list as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a 2024 (or later) place please register to attend our next available open afternoon. We will be hosting these throughout the year so please do keep an eye out for additional dates.

If you are looking for a place for 2023, contact our Registrar who can book a tour of your chosen setting, with regular available visit slots being held each week.

How do I book a place for my child?

Following a visit of your chosen nursery school, you’ll remain in contact with our Registrar who can talk to you about the options for booking a place at Miss Daisy’s. You can do this in person or by phone or email.

To begin the process, a registration fee will be payable once you have visited one of our Nursery Schools and decided that you would like to register.  You will then be added to our waiting list. Our Registrar can give you details on when places become available, and when offers are made.

Please note, registering and paying a registration fee does not guarantee your child’s place as these can become booked years in advance, but we will try and advise the likelihood of availability before any fees are paid by you.

To Register:

Complete the registration form but there is no need to pay the registration fee until after you have visited your chosen nursery school, as this is non-refundable. If you decide that you would like to register your child for a place, payment of the registration fee allows you to go on to our waiting list for an offer of a place.


If you are looking for a 2023 place, we will be making offers as soon as we are able to.

If you are looking for a 2024 place, these offers will be made in July/August 2023. 2025 places will be offered July/August 2024.

Only at this point will the £2,000 deposit be required. The deposit will be deducted from the Summer Term invoice in your child’s Kindergarten year at Miss Daisy’s nursery school. Fees are then invoiced a term prior to your child’s start date.

What are your opening times and when are you closed?

Our nursery school opening hours vary by setting, but are open Monday to Friday during term-time only.

Details of the individual opening hours of each of our nursery schools can be found below:


Brook Green


Hyde Park




What should my child bring to nursery school?

Prior to their start date:

  • A signed copy of the nursery school parent agreement.
  • All completed registration paperwork.
  • A recent photograph of your child.

Each day after starting:

  • A named bag, not too large (please avoid plastic and drawstring bags).
  • Nappies (wipes and nappy cream can be supplied but if you would prefer to use your own we can accommodate this)
  • A change of clothes, including underwear if potty training. Please include; wellies, a raincoat, sunscreen and sun hat (suitable for the season) – all to be clearly labelled.
  • A healthy packed lunch and drink. Snacks and drinks throughout the day will be provided.
  • EpiPen or any other type of allergy related medication. Medicine needs to be prescribed and clearly labelled with child’s name and instructions.

Please ensure all clothes and shoes are labelled with your child’s full name. 


Are all staff members DBS checked?

Yes, all staff members have to have a DBS check completed when they start with Miss Daisy’s nursery schools. DBS checks are then renewed every two years.

What are staff member to child ratios at Miss Daisy's nursery schools?

The ratios, as outlined by Early Years Foundation Stage, are;

  • 2-3 years – 1 qualified adult: 4 children.
  • 3 years and above – 1 qualified adult: 8 children (or 1:13 with a further qualification in Teaching).

You will find though, at Miss Daisy’s we exceed this minimum requirement as we ensure the highest quality care and education is provided.

Are your staff members First Aid trained?

We hold regular First Aid courses throughout Miss Daisy’s nursery schools for all of our staff. Our aim is to ensure everyone is First Aid trained within a short time of joining a nursery school.


What meals and snacks are provided?

We believe in a healthy approach to bodies and appetites, with sociable mealtimes, balanced nutrition and trying fresh, varied foods where possible.

We ask that you provide a balanced packed lunch each day for your child, and can give you suggestions of what to include. We provide children with healthy snacks and fresh fruit throughout the day, as well as drinks to ensure they stay hydrated, especially as we know how active they are likely to be! Please contact the nursery school to discuss specific dietary requirements.


How will my child’s progress be tracked throughout their time at nursery school?

Every child is allocated a Key Teacher and it is this person which develops a special bond with them. They are based in the room that the child attends and completes the child’s learning development journal through observation to link each child’s progress within the EYFS. Progress is then followed and updated during regular in-person meetings with parents.

What is the EYFS?

EYFS stands for Early Years Foundation Stage. The EYFS is a curriculum put in place by the Government that states how we as Early Years Teachers ensure your child is meeting the required developmental milestones. The EYFS is split into 7 areas in total, with 3 prime areas:

  • Communication.
  • Personal social and emotional.
  • Physical.

And 4 specific areas:

  • Maths.
  • Understanding the world.
  • Literacy.
  • Expressive art and design.

Within these areas we must ensure children are making progress appropriate to their age.

And Forest School?

All of our settings provide opportunities for outdoor learning and discovery, with our Teachers being accredited in delivering the Forest School curriculum.

Forest School lessons are delivered by our Teachers who specialise in safe, accessible and practical outdoor learning. The curriculum will be accessed by children either on site in our nursery school gardens, or in our local parks and green spaces to ensure each child develops a love of the outdoors.

My child has special educational needs and disability (SEND), can they still attend one of your nursery schools?

Of course, Miss Daisy’s nursery schools are a fully inclusive family and we pride ourselves on adapting the care we provide to the individual needs of each child who attends. Speak to us directly to discuss the requirements of your child and the additional assistance we can put in place to ensure they have a rich and beneficial experience with us.

Do you have connections and relationships with surrounding schools?

All of our settings work in partnership with local schools to ensure a smooth transition from the nursery school. Children from many of our nurseries will progress into a Dukes Education school, and we have great partnerships with the Teachers and Heads in these and our other local schools to provide information evenings to parents of pre-schoolers and those moving on.

A full list of the schools we work in partnership with can be found here, or speak to us if you would like any details of the admissions process for a specific school.

My child was sick during the night but seems fine this morning. Can they still come to the nursery school today?

No unfortunately we have a strict policy on exclusion periods. For sickness and diarrhoea children must be away from nursery school for 48 hours after the last symptom, to mitigate any effects on other children in the setting.

Can I collect my child from nursery school early?

Yes, no problem you may collect your child whenever you wish, however please do let us know of early collections in order to prepare them as some children don’t always enjoy changes in routine.


What if my child has an accident at nursery school?

Accidents do happen at nursery school but of course we try our best to prevent them. If your child has an accident we will let you know upon collection or beforehand depending on the severity of the accident.

We will fill in an accident form to outline the incident (causes, treatments, outcomes etc). We will also provide any First Aid required. For any bigger incidents that we cannot deal with we will consult professional advice through 999 or 101. We will keep you up to date throughout this process by call, text or face to face.

We record all accidents and can provide a record of these upon request.

What should I do if I’m unhappy with an aspect of my child’s care?

Please come and talk to us. The Management Team are very approachable, just request a meeting and we will set aside some time to talk through any issues you may have. We would love the chance to address any problems before they get bigger, so please do keep us informed so we can continue to provide the best care for your child.


How often will my child go outside to play?

Children will go outside every day and in all weathers. This applies to nursery schools that have their own gardens and outdoor space, and those with more limited space on site, with those children visiting local parks and recreation areas.

Do you go for trips/walks?

The children go out on local walks, in most cases daily. We visit places such as local parks and recreation areas, libraries, schools, galleries and museums.

Does the nursery school provide any extracurricular activities?

All of our nursery schools provide extracurricular activities and opportunities to extend learning such as clubs and educational visits. The can vary each season or term, but you can be assured that your child will get to experience a wider range of extracurricular activities that compliment the EYFS.


How can I pay my child's nursery school fees?

A Direct Debit form is included with your registration pack, which will need to be completed with your payment details upon accepting a place at your chosen nursery school. We also accept payment by bank transfer and debit/credit card.

When are my child's nursery school fees due to be paid?

Fees are payable termly in advance. Please contact us to discuss the payment schedule for your chosen nursery school.

What are the fees at Miss Daisy's nursery schools?

We will require a registration fee of £150 to to join the waiting list at your chosen nursery school.

A refundable deposit is also payable upon the offer/confirmation of a place.

You can find details of all Miss Daisy’s nursery school fees and sessions here.

Do you offer funded places for 2 and 3 year olds?

Miss Daisy’s nursery schools offer the 15-hour free childcare Government funding at all our settings. This is available for all 3 to 4 year-olds.

Miss Daisy’s Nursery will apply for the funding on the family’s behalf before the start of term. The current termly funding for the 3 to 4 year-old free 15 hours entitlement amounts to approximately £1,100 (please note this may change slightly) and this amount is deducted from the termly invoice issued to parents.

We do not accept 2 year old funding or the 30 hour 3 year-old funding. We do not offer any fully funded places.

What happens if I collect my child late?

We understand this can happen as some things are out of our control such as traffic or appointments running over. We ask for you to let us know if this is going to happen as soon as you are aware. It is not a problem once or twice but if this becomes more frequent you will be charged for any extra hours at our normal hourly rate.

Do you have any other questions about our nursery schools?

We are here to help! You can ask a question on the form below: