Little Dukes Little Learners

What is Little Learners?

At nursery, our goal is to lay the foundations for a happy childhood, a fulfilling future, and an enduring love of learning. We also know how important it is to prepare our oldest children for the next steps on their learning journey.

With that in mind, the Little Learners programme helps to give children a great set of skills to build upon as they embark on their next adventures at school.

These skills, such as taking turns, helping others, listening to instructions, trying new experiences and enjoying a challenge, are developed and show themselves differently with each individual child.

Through our Little Learners programme, we hope to celebrate and share the moments when your child shows, in their own inimitable way, just what they are capable of.

How will my child participate?

We will record children’s milestones in these areas, so that each child can be as proud as we are of their own achievement. Your child’s key person will talk to you about their successes and individual journey through these skills as they would with developmental moments within the EYFS. You will be able to see a record of their progress on the ‘Famly’ app, and this individual Little Learners record.

What are the Little Learners dispositions?


I can help my friend or classmate.

I can give someone a helping hand.

I can listen to my friends during circle time.


I say well done when someone else wins.

I can say I don’t know and ask for help.

I enjoy learning new things.


I can keep going even though something is hard.

I can have another go at something I found difficult.

I can try a new food.


I can try something different.

I can ask questions and wonder why.

I can look for patterns and connections.


I join my friends to play.

I can choose something I really enjoy doing.

I am happy when I see my key person.


I treat everyone equally.

I listen and respect people’s opinions.

I try to help others.