boy and girl using the sandpit

Preparing for Nursery

To support a smooth and happy start to nursery school, we have created the following plan:

Welcome Pack

Prior to your child joining Miss Daisy’s you will receive a Welcome Pack containing information about life at Miss Daisy’s. Included is information about our curriculum, our day to day structure and offering, and valuable advice on how to prepare your child for nursery school.

Welcome Talk & New Children’s Party

In addition to this, within the Welcome Pack will be invitations to two events including, the ‘Parent Welcome Talk’ and the ‘New Children’s Party’. The ‘Parent Welcome Talk’, is a wonderful way for Parents to learn more about their child’s first days/weeks at Miss Daisy’s direct from their Headteacher, likewise it is an opportunity for Parents to connect with other new families. In addition, families will receive an invitation to a ‘New Children’s Party’. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to visit the setting, explore their new surroundings, meet the teachers and future friends. Following both events, we encourage families to connect and organise play dates so that children can start forming friendships before their first day.

Stay and Play

In addition, you and your child will be invited to a private ‘Stay and Play’ at their new nursery school. We recognise that children feel more secure when they know and trust their caregivers so it is a wonderful opportunity to start establishing new relationships. In addition, it is a valuable opportunity for Parents to ask questions and share important information about their child that may help support a smooth start to nursery life

Your Child’s First Day

With all our years of experience we know the best way for your child to separate from you, is with a confident farewell and for parents to not stay too long. Often the longer the parent stays the harder it is for the child and their new friends to settle. We therefore have a strict policy that parents must be mindful to drop off promptly and not stay long in the classroom.

We always reassure Parents and Carers that we will immediately call them should a child be upset. As such, in the early days we suggest parents stay near the nursery school incase an early pickup is required.

Working Together

You will work very closely with your child’s teacher and decide what is best for your child. Each child is different, some children settle in very easily into nursery school life, while others take a little longer, this is very normal. Patience is key, as well as a consistent routine at home and at school, that really makes a big difference.