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Little Dukes and our Governors

Miss Daisy’s Nursery Schools is a member of Little Dukes, the early years arm of the Dukes Education family. Dukes is a family of schools, teachers, learners, and parents connected by our pursuit of an extraordinary life for every member of our community.

The Little Dukes philosophy is to support each individual to live with purpose, to encourage a love of learning, and to act as a team. All of this is underpinned by a quality standard that runs through everything we do.

We believe that education is a journey to be enjoyed and shared at every stage of life, unlocking extraordinary possibilities for every student.

To learn more about our family, visit dukeseducation.com

Our primary office is located at 14-16 WATERLOO PLACE, LONDON, SW1Y 4AR. The landline number for the office is +44 (0) 203 696 5300.

Our Governors are:

Aatif Hassan – Founder of Dukes Education. Aatif founded Dukes Education in 2015. He is also Chairman of Cavendish Education, a group of 11 schools for pupils with dyslexia and autism; and a trustee of St James Independent Schools and is on the board of CReSTeD.

Aatif has a first-class degree in Mathematics and Economics and also had a British Army commission. In 2020, he was awarded the Freedom of City of London for services to education.

Email Aatif Hassan at aatif.hassan@dukeseducation.com

Libby Nicholas – Nominated Safeguarding Governor, Email: libby.nicholas@dukeseducation.com

Daisy Harrison – Founder of Miss Daisy’s Nursery School. Please click here to read her biography.

Pam Mundy – Senior Advisor and Governor for Dukes Education. Pam’s expertise lie in school improvement, quality assurance, and strategic support for a wide range of nursery settings, Early Years Centre, government agencies and Ministries of Education internationally. Pam is an internationally renowned author and keynote speaker with global recognition for her specialism.

Catherine Robertson – Finance Director, Dukes Education. With over twenty years experience managing Early Years settings, Catherine’s expertise in the management and operational running of nursery schools is second to none. Working closely with the nursery’s leadership team, Catherine supports the Finance, HR and Administrative teams.