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Miss Daisy

Combining her passion for Early Years teaching and her love of children, Miss Daisy began her career at Thomas’s School in Battersea before moving to Garden House Boys School as its Early Years Coordinator. In 2006, she proudly founded her first nursery school, Miss Daisy’s Nursery Belgravia, and started the Miss Daisy’s family.

In addition to her twenty years teaching experience, Miss Daisy has created the award-winning Phonics Scheme, Hiphophen and is recognised as one of London’s leading Early Years experts.

Daisy’s dream was to create a London nursery school that would offer the nurturing care, education and stimulating environment akin to a traditional countryside nursery.  It would be a place where children would receive the finest early years teaching, establish the foundations for all future education and develop a true love of learning.  To do this, Daisy believed that the strength, experience and passion of her team was central to bringing this vision to life.

In September 2006, Daisy’s dream came true and Miss Daisy’s Belgravia proudly opened its doors. In 2010, at the request of the attending families, Miss Daisy’s Chelsea excitedly came to life, followed later by Miss Daisy’s Knightsbridge and Miss Daisy’s Brook Green. As our family of nurseries has grown so has our talented team.  Where many joined as Assistants and Teachers, they have been trained by Miss Daisy and promoted to Teachers, SENDco’s and Headteachers, ensuring the core ethos, values and passion of the Miss Daisy’s dream remains within our DNA.

In January 2018, Miss Daisy’s Nursery Schools became part of Dukes Education and in September 2019, opened Miss Daisy’s Nursery Hyde Park.

As Governor, Miss Daisy works with the Headmistresses and Management team on the continued success of the nursery school.

The experience, passion and enthusiasm of our team ensures that each and every Miss Daisy’s child receives the finest care and support at this most important stage in their education. Our nursery days are filled with fun and laughter. We want our children to develop a true love of learning, to be excited to come to nursery and share the day with their friends and teachers. Daisy Harrison, Founder